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Reflexology Relaxes the Body, Mind, and Sole

By  Eric Huffman

 In today’s fast paced world, people are confronted with ever-increasing levels of physical, mental, and emotional stress. The American Medical Association stated that 85% of all illness is a result of stress. To help combat stress, many people are seeking out foot reflexology.

Foot reflexology is a safe, non-invasive, natural modality which focuses on areas of the feet which are believed to correspond to all the areas of the body. Pressing these “reflex points” with the fingers helps the correlating body part to relax and recover.

In America, foot reflexology is steadily making its way into mainstream medical practices as an effective form of alternative therapy. On The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Professor of Surgery, stated that “Every patient that I operate on at New York Presbyterian Hospital gets a reflexology type treatment.” Although new to America, reflexology has been used as an effective complimentary therapy for centuries across the globe.

Foot reflexology is also used to help a wide range of health conditions including back pain, sports injuries, migraines, sinusitis, infertility, and sleep disorders. People who receive regular reflexology sessions attest to its positive results.  Foot reflexology is a great option to relieve stress and improve wellbeing.

Biofrequency and Disease

Frequency is a measurable rate of electrical energy that is constant between any two points. Every living thing has an electrical frequency.

 A “frequency generator” was developed in the early 1920‘s by Royal Raymond Rife, M.D. He found that by using certain frequencies he could destroy a cancer cell or virus He found that these frequencies could prevent the development of disease and others could destroy disease.

Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology in Cheney, WA developed equipment to measure the biofrequency of humans and foods. He used this biofrequency monitor to determine the relationship between frequency and disease.

Measuring in megahertz, it was found that processed canned food had a zero Mhz frequency; fresh produce measured up to 15 Mhz; dry herbs from 12-22 Mhz; fresh herbs from 20-27 Mhz. Essential oils started at 52 Mhz and went as high as 320 Mhz which is the frequency of rose oil. A healthy body typically has a frequency ranging from 62 Mhz to 78 Mhz, while disease begins at 58 Mhz. The frequency for cancer is 42 Mhz.

For years, research has been conducted on the use of electrical energy to reverse disease. Scientists in the field of natural healing have believed there has to be a more natural way to increase the body’s electrical frequency. This led to the research and subsequent discovery of the electrical frequencies in essential oils. Clinical research shows essential oils, having the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man, can create an environment in which microbes cannot live.

Unhealthy substances cause lowering of frequencies. In one test, the frequencies of two individuals, the first a 26 year old male and the second a 24 year old male were measured at 66 Mhz each. The first held a cup of coffee in his hands (without drinking any) and his frequency dropped to 58 Mhz in 3 seconds. He put the coffee down and inhaled an aroma of essential oils. Within 21 seconds his frequency had returned to 66 Mhz. The second man took a sip of coffee and his frequency dropped to 52 Mhz in the same 3 seconds. However, no essential oils were used during his recovery period and it took 3 days for his frequency to return to the initial 66 Mhz. Another individual droppped his frequency from 65 to 48 Mhz when he held a cigarette. When he smoked it his frequency dropped to 42 Mhz, the same frequency as Cancer.

Another interesting aspect of this study was the influence of thoughts on the body’s electrical frequency. Negative thoughts lowered the measured frequency by 12 Mhz. Frequency was raised 10 Mhz with positive thoughts and prayers, and meditations increase our frequency by 15Mhz.

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