Carol Dawn brings to her life’s work a vast knowledge of holistic health and natural healing practices, including Reflexology, Metamorphosis, Energy Channeling, Nutrition, Relaxation Training, Body Symbology, Aromatherapy and a variety of Massage methods such as Shiatsu, Deep Tissue work and Swedish-Esalen styles.

Carol is a Registered Nurse and brings her understanding of the natural way the body can function to her practice offering education and therapy to help her clients find a Healthy Balance, Body and Mind.


Carol dedicates herself to the service of helping people find the most effective ways to attain an optimum level of wellness. Through her soothing voice, skilled hands, and an individualized combination of massage techniques, Carol enhances a body’s self-healing process, resulting in natural relaxation and pain relief. She has helped her clients achieve excellent success reducing and eliminating neck and back pain, shoulder and joint pain, arthritic problems, sciatica, tension, and blockages.


Carol Dawn is a Registered Nure with a Bachelor or Science degree in Nursing from Sonoma State University, CA. She is a Certified Public Health Nurse with a background in home health nursing, and has been gifted with the opportunity to work with a holistic Medical Doctor. Carol has been a Certified Massage Therapist since 1984, and is a Nationally Certified Reflexologist through the American Reflexology Certification Board. As a Charter member of the Reflexology Association of California, Carol served on the board as a Vice-President and Treasurer for five years.


Carol speaks to diverse groups about wellness and stress management, sharing her knowledge and experience in these fields. She has been teaching basic Reflexology at local massage schools for many years, and also conducts workshops, seminars, and classes.