Reflexology and Massage in San Luis Obispo, CA

Stress is a powerful force that can negatively impact our bodies. Just like an injury, stress can cause pains and strains to develop, which can leave you feeling worse every day. You need a way to alleviate the underlying tensions and stressors causing you grief! Reflexology and massage are proven ways to de-stress and re-balance your body.

Carol Dawn’s Reflexology & Massage strives to help San Luis Obispo, CA residents rediscover their homeostasis through mobilization services like deep tissue massage, aromatherapy and foot reflexology. By calming and resetting your body, we strive to help natural healing processes take over. For many of our clients, the results are transformative!



Also known as zone therapy, reflexology involves applying pressure to the feet, hands, ears and other parts of the body to stimulate pressure points. This, in turn, alleviates deep-rooted stresses and encourages positive energy flow throughout the body. It’s a very targeted way to mobilize the body’s natural healing tendencies.



Used with reflexology and massage, aromatherapy calms the mind and helps reduce stress released in the body. Numerous studies have proven aromatherapy as an effective stress relief technique, including in individuals suffering from long-term chronic illnesses.


Metamorphosis technique

Metamorphosis eases these patterns that were developed pre-natally and allows a reprogramming in the body’s response to stressors.


Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is great for loosening the knots that form due to tightness and tension, alleviating the stress and strain on connective tissue. Deep tissue massage stimulates blood flow, promoting natural healing and all the benefits that come with it.


Reflexology for fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is an ailment of the connective tissues of the body that can be hard to cope with. It often involves pain and discomfort that doesn’trespond well to medications. Holistic reflexology has been proven to ease the pain of fibromyalgia pains, helping sufferers to live well and manage their condition.


Swedish massage

Swedish massage is the most common form of massage, known for its long swathing movements and methodical working of all muscle groups. If you’re carrying stress and tension around with you, Swedish massage is a great way to shed some of it and renew your body!

Feel like you’re carrying around extra baggage?

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